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Our specialty is merchant services and point of sale systems for restaurants, retail, service, and hospitality industries. We are partnered with Heartland Payment Systems which is one of the largest DIERCT processors in the world to provide you with the most feature-rich POS systems and cost-effective credit card processing. We are local and have an experienced manager ready to meet with you to discuss your credit card processing and POS system needs no matter how big or small your business is.

Harbortouch POS Systems

Harbortouch has several POS systems options for you to choose from for your restaurant, retail or hospitality business. Harbortouch POS system is the perfect business management tool for running your company more effectively and efficiently.

We have solutions for every business type with products like Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant, Harbortouch Echo for small business, Harbortouch Retail, and Harbortouch Salon and Spa. Apply today for free POS software and hardware.

Harbortouch POS Systems

Not ready for a new POS system just yet? Well, with Harbortouch’s ECR (Electronic Cash Register) you can manage all payments through a single register system and attached credit card machine. That’s right; our cash register has credit card processing technology integrated, so you will never miss a payment.

Harbortouch ECR allows you to track your daily cash, credit, and credit card sales. With the easy online setup wizard, you can customize your register’s keypad configuration before it even ships.

Harbortouch POS Systems

The VX 520 can accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other NFC payment apps. It’s also EMV-enabled to accept smart cards.

Harbortouch POS Systems

Harbortouch wireless payment terminal is perfect for anyone needing a PCI-compliant payment device on-the-go.

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Harbortouch POS Systems

With our mobile pay solution, accept secure payments anywhere, anytime with a free audio jack card reader. Supports all major platforms.

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What Is A Merchant Account?
What Are The Various Methods Of Accepting Credit Cards?
Credit Card Merchant Processors

When you own your own business or if you are in the process of creating your own business website and plan to sell products or services in the greater Tri-Cities area, you will want to consider credit card processing. It is not as simple as selling products and taking money, as you need to keep the transactions secure for both you and the customer. There are a number of behind the scenes aspects that need to be considered particularly when it comes to credit card processing. If you want your business to succeed, then it is important to get this right. In this article we will take a look at the various aspects of credit card processing and provide you with a better understanding about the various issues that are associated with it, including such topics as credit card merchant accounts and credit card merchant processors.

What Is A Merchant Account?

Before you get started with card processing, you will need a merchant account. This is a type of bank account that enables a business to accept payments via credit and debit card as well as checks and cash. Your merchant account will also stand as an agreement between the retailer, bank and payment processor. Credit card payments are typically sent electronically to merchant processing banks for authorization, after which the money will be transferred and deposited into your account. There are several reputable banks or credit unions here in Kennewick, Richland and Pasco to choose from. Remember, their main concern is WHERE you make your merchant deposits.

What Are The Various Methods Of Accepting Credit Cards?

There are several ways of accepting credit cards here in the greater Tri-Cities area. The first and most common is by swiping the magnetic strip along a stand-alone credit card terminal. Another way of accepting credit card information is by manually inputting the data which is on the card. This is a common procedure when purchasing online or using a “virtual terminal.” There is also the old-fashioned way of using a manual imprinter (lovingly referred to as a “knuckle buster”) and calling in the card number and amount for a credit approval.

Credit Card Merchant Processors

Likely the most difficult decision to make when accepting credit and debt cards is who shall be my merchant processor? There are 11 wholesale processors – these are the ONLY processors that are authorized to work directly with Visa-MasterCard. Visa-MasterCard are the ones that actually set the fees to be charged per card type via their “Interchange Fees”, which they publish on the internet each April and October. Because these wholesale processors are so large, they sell their services to sub-processors, ISO’s (Independent Sales Organizations), banks, and other resellers, who in turn can and do resell to other sub-processors most from other areas, with some even here in Pasco, Richland and Kennewick. Most processors use what is called “blended rate” pricing with categories of Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified to set their rates to be charged (keeping in mind their cost must pay the processor above them.

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is the 5th largest card processor in the USA and the 9th largest in the world. Heartland is one of the 11 Wholesale or Main Line processors for Visa MasterCard. Meaning we are one of the 11 companies who’s cost is Visa MasterCard’s Interchange Cost.

With over 350 credit card companies in the nation only 11 of these are wholesalers and Heartland is number 5. The other 340 plus card processing companies are resellers, ISO’s, Banks or Sub-Processors in the food chain under one of these 11 wholesaler companies. Each one taking a markup and re-selling Interchange. The worst I have found in the Basin Area is a merchant buying from 10 middlemen, each one taking a markup and reselling it.

With that said, Heartland is the ONLY one who doesn’t work with re-sellers, but sells direct to the merchant thus cutting all the middlemen out of the equation. And, we are local…right here in Kennewick, servicing Richland, Pasco, Kennewick and outlying Tri-Cities areas!

This fact is the reason the National Small Business Administration, National Restaurant Association, 48 State Restaurant Associations, FSA Food Services of America and 42 State Hotel- Motel Associations exclusively endorse Heartland. We even processed the Super Bowl! Locally, we also process for the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Heartland shows you our cost (Interchange Cost)
Heartland shows you our markup above Interchange Cost
We offer the new E-3 end-to-end Encryption. Heartland technology is now used by the USA Government for fraud and encryption.
We give you a statement you can read and understand
We offer funding as soon as the next day
Friendly, local face-to-face service and sales support
24/7 365 help desk with and average answer time of 7 seconds (try it, 1-866-976-7141)
Online tools with our exclusive Insta-View and real time viewing of your transactions
We will not be charging you any Mickey Mouse fees

So as you can see there are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration when choosing to accept credit and debit cards. Ensure that you research the various credit card services that are available and gain the knowledge that is required to succeed with your Tri-Cities based business!

For Gift Card Marketing Contact Tri-Cities Merchant Services today at (509) 309-7961

The introduction of gift cards has made it much easier for people here in the Tri-Cities to shop for gifts. There is nothing worse than scouring the shops, looking for the perfect gift, when you simply don’t know what to buy that person. The person receiving the gift may not like it and end up having to take it back to the store for an exchange. Fortunately, pre-paid gift cards can solve this problem! Many retail stores in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland offer gift cards. These enable the receiver to purchase in store and in many cases online. If you have an established business in the greater Tri-Cities area, then it would be a great idea to introduce business gift cards, as they can be of great benefit to your store. In addition to business gift cards, I will also take a look at a few other gift marketing strategies that can improve the cash flow of your business.
What is Gift Card Marketing?

Gift card marketing is essentially a way in which you can increase revenue, acquire new customers and motivate existing customers to spend more at your Kennewick, Pasco or Richland business. Tri-Cities Merchant Services has this marketing down to a science!
Gift card marketing helps you by:

Grow your customer base by attracting gift card recipients who aren’t current customers
Increase your revenue – gift cardholders tend to spend more than the amount on the card
Reduce your processing costs – gift cards have no interchange fees
Offer the perfect solution to those looking for quick, thoughtful presents
Market your location by giving away cards to bring in new customers, promote special events, reward loyal customers – and resolve customer complaints.

Reasons Why Small Business Gift Cards Are a Good Idea

The main reason why you should encourage customers to purchase gift cards is that they will give them as gifts to people; many of these people may have never heard of your business before. This will encourage new customers to start shopping with you.
You should place your business gift cards near the cash register to encourage impulse buying. Many people in the Tri-Cities purchase last minute things as they are approaching the counter, so when they see your gift cards they may realize that it’s someone’s birthday coming up soon, and pick up a gift card.

It is a good idea to make your gift cards look eye catching! Unusual cards and those with comical designs can be great sellers. Offering novelty cards can help you to sell more of them, since they look as though more thought was put into the purchase. There are several businesses in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick and the greater Tri-Cities area that are currently using gift card marketing s very successfully.
Pay Attention to Your Gift Card Advertising

If you are going to invest in gift marketing products such as gift cards, then it is important to get your gift card advertising right, otherwise you could end up losing revenue. You need to make sure that your customers know about these custom gift cards. Inform them about them while they are at the cash register, and place display stands at eye level to make sure that they can see them. You should think about the design of the cards, particularly when it comes to birthdays and the holidays. People want to choose personal gifts, therefore the designs should be appealing. Another good tip to remember, is to offer gift cards as an alternative, particularly if an item is out of stock. This satisfies both you and the customer.
Gift Cards Are Great For Online Businesses Too

Gift cards are not strictly for brick and mortar retail stores. They can be used by online stores as well. In fact, they can be a great seller! An online gift card makes a great gift, particularly for people who have forgotten to purchase something and are looking last minute. Online gift cards can be purchased within seconds and mailed to yourself or the receiver. This is perfect as your customer does not have to wait long to know whether of not they have received it, as postage is much less than a package. An online gift card can be purchased and redeemed effortlessly. If the person chooses to spend it in your Tri-Cities retail store, it gives you another opportunity to sell more products. Hundreds of stores offer this service, and best of all you can credit the gift card with whatever amount you choose.
Learn About Rewards Card Services

Many businesses nowadays here in the greater Tri-Cities area are starting to introduce rewards card services. These loyalty programs work by rewarding the customer, which in turn motivates them to return to your store. You can use your gift cards or reward cards as a way to entice them back to the store, this can be done by offering points each time they purchase and use their card. These points can then be used towards money off a purchase. Or you can use the cards to purchase at a normally “slow time”, thus increasing your sales. Rewards card services tend to encourage customers to spend more in the store.
Use Promotion Card Services To Entice Customers

The important thing about having a business in Kennewick or Richland or Pasco, as well as the outlying areas, is advertising it. This can be done in a number of ways, some of which are expensive, while others are affordable. One affordable and successful way of advertising a business is through promotion card services. Some great gift card marketing ideas can be found in the form of promotional cards such as business cards, gift cards or even small discount cards. Whichever cards you decide to choose, they should be visually appealing and grab the customer’s attention, this means that they will remember your business and hold onto that plastic, rather than throw the card away.

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is the #1, largest gift card company in the USA. Again we are the factory and do business with such people as Starbucks and Subway. Locally we do business with TC Primes, Traffic Jams, Kimo’s, Uptown Deli, Purple Peaches , SureShot Espresso, and Uncle Sam’s to name a few. Our gift Marketing program is a combination of Traditional Gift, Loyalty, Rewards and Promotion. You don’t get just one, you get them all! Attract new customers to your business – and increase your revenue by encouraging loyal patrons to visit more often – with Heartlands gift marketing solutions. Our programs are flexible and can be implemented easily so you can start providing these value-added offerings quickly.

For Point of Sale Terminals Contact Tri-Cities Merchant Services today at (509) 309-7961

What Are POS Terminals?

POS stands for point of sale. There are several types of point of sale terminals here in Kennewick and Richland and Pasco – including in the greater Tri-Cities area. Most terminals are stand-alone electronic devices which are used to verify and process customer credit card transactions. These normally will require a telephone line to process payments, though some can connect via Ethernet cable connected to your router. There are also computerized versions, some including a cash register and can help to eliminate the need for your business to handle cash. Many of these Point of Sale Systems are located in restaurants to also handle order taking and time and attendance issues as well as store each item on the menu within its database. This makes general day to day tasks much easier. However, here in the Tri-Cities, some merchants are using Heartland’s 360 POS system in their restaurants, which come at a much user-friendly pricing structure with ease of use and virtually no down time. Evan at Kimo’s and McDougall’s By the Bay Steakhouse loves it!
Who Uses POS Terminals?

Apart from the restaurant POS systems mentioned above, there are also a broad range of other terminals available. POS terminals are used in many industries because of their convenience. Many restaurants, hotels, stores and entertainment establishments utilize them on a daily basis. If your business is mobile or if you need to process cards anywhere in your business, then a wireless credit card machine would be ideal for you. You may also want to look at a virtual terminal or phone app.
How Does a Credit Card Terminal Work?

The customer’s card is swiped along the hand held credit card machine or card reader on the POS, after which the machine requests an authorization from the cardholders bank, at the same time verifying the card number, card name, date and amount is sent on to the processors computer and is held securely until the machine is “batched” or settled. This information is logged in to the computer and , the response (approved or denied) is sent back to the terminal, whereby it prints a receipt for the customer. Once settled, the authorization goes from the processor to the automated clearing house, through the Federal Reserve (since the government likes to “see” what we are spending with our plastic) and on to the merchants bank for deposit. The amount is then electronically deposited into the local Tri-Cities merchants account.
How Do I Choose A Credit Card Machine For Business Use?

There are hundreds of websites offering various models of credit card machines, ranging from top of the range touch screen versions to basic stand-alone terminals. You can purchase a business credit card machine out right or lease it. It is important to know that leasing, as opposed to purchasing the machine will end up costing your business a lot more money in the long run. Most leasing contracts run 36 to 72 months at a hefty $25-$119pm – thereby costing you literally $900 up to $8568 for a machine that in all likelihood you can purchase for about $450 from a reputable company like Heartland Payment Systems. Plus, don’t forget that you have to return the terminal at the end of the contract. If it is possible to buy your terminal then this is a much better option. About FREE terminals: remember – nothing is free. You will be paying for that terminal via hidden fees and costs.

When selecting your merchant credit card machine you will have to decide which one is most suitable for your business. If you do not have access to a telephone or internet, then you will need a terminal with store and forward capabilities. This enables you to enter all of the details and store them. Once you have access to a telephone line, the device will dial out. However, there is always a risk that some transactions may be declined – and your customer already has the goods. Alternatively, you may wish to have a wireless one, which can communicate wirelessly anywhere at any time using a wireless card by Verizon or AT & T in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick or any of the greater Tri-Cities area.
IP Terminals

These use your existing DSL or cable internet connection and make for very quick transactions. However, if your internet provider sometimes has “issues”, it is best to have a dial-up backup so when (not if) the internet is down, you can still process via the phone line. Naturally, it is always a good idea to have the old-fashioned “knuckle-buster” manual imprinter on hand, in case the phone lines are down as well. Common IP models (which also work via phone line) are Heartland’s End-to-End Encrypted E-3, Verifone VX570, Omni 3740 & Omni 3750 and Hypercom T4220.
Wireless Terminals

These are ideal for businesses that move about to conduct their business. A wireless credit card machine works via networks such as AT&T and Verizon – the two best operational systems to use here in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland. Businesses that benefit from this type of device are those that visit people’s home to complete the sales transaction. It is important to know that processing credit cards wirelessly usually includes extra fees, such as a monthly wireless connection fee, which typical merchant accounts don’t. Plus wireless reception can be a problem in some areas. Some terminals that are wireless (and also work via phone line) are the Exadigm 2000, Verifone VX 610 & VX670 and the Hypercom M4100, and the Nurit 8010 and Nurit 8020.
Store and Forward Terminals

If an IP terminal or a wireless terminal isn’t an option for you, then the store and forward terminal will be ideal. If you do not have access to a phone line throughout the day, then this terminal stores the day’s transactions until it can be connected to any phone line & dials out for authorization. Remember, the risk you take is that the sale may be declined and your customer already has the goods. Some store-and-forward terminals are the Hypercom T7P-T and T7Plus and also the Verifone VX510 and VX570 as well as Omni3740 and Omni 3750 and the Nurit 2085.
What Is a Virtual Credit Card Machine

A virtual terminal is the perfect solution for Tri-Cities area businesses who accept credit card payments via the telephone, email or even fax. Many businesses that Tri-Cities Merchant Services had assisted use this sort of credit card terminal, including mail order businesses, utility companies, charities and even insurance companies. Virtual terminals are an affordable alternative to point of sale credit card terminals. Virtual versions enable you to process credit card transactions from any computer across the world, providing that it has an internet connection. These virtual terminals handle the verification, documentation and processing of payments that are made by credit card. This enables merchants to run a cashless payment system. Heartland’s HPS Connect is a prime example of a Virtual Terminal.
Advantages Of Using Heartland’s HPS Connect:

You don’t need to buy hardware – you can use on one or several PC’s using the same sign-on
There is no software to install, you are using Heartland’s secure website
You can enter credit card transactions manually or use a USB card reader to swipe.
You can perform authorizations from anywhere at any time.
You can automatically bill customers for any recurring charges.
It enables you to print reports & check the status of transactions.

Cell Phone Processing via I-Phone or Blackberry

Both Verizon and I-Phone have credit card applications which you can download (some for free) though you will still need a processor like Heartland Payment Systems to process the payments once they are in your cell, in order to obtain authorization and deposit the monies into your bank account.

Credit Card Processing and Point of Sale Solutions for any Business Type


  • QSR Restaurant

  • Fine Dining Restaurant

  • Hotels & Franchises

  • Nightclubs & Bars

  • Pizzeria & Pizza Shops

  • Cake Shop & Bakeries

  • Pubs & Breweries

  • Deli’s & Sandwich Shops

  • Fast Food Restaurants

Retail Business

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  • Grocery Store

  • Clothing Shop

  • Gas Station & Convenience Store

  • Beer & Liquor Stores

  • Souvenir Stores & Gift Shops

  • Retail Storefront

  • Retail Merchant Services

  • Retail POS Systems

Service Providers

  • Hair Salon & Beauty Stores

  • Spa & Massage

  • Automotive & Tire Stores

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  • Doctor, Lawyer, Professional Offices

  • Education & Schools

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